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Reims City Tour

Reims Epernay Pass

With the Reims-Epernay Pass, discover the best blend in champagne

What is the Reims-Epernay Pass?

Visit Reims and save money with this one, two or three day pass offering free access to public transport, museums in the cities and the Tourist Office visits. Finally, enjoy exceptional discounts of up to 50% on many attractions.

  • Free Reims City Tour ticket

  • 30% discount on your Champagne Wine Tour ticket

How to book your Reims City Tour with the Reims-Epernay Pass?

Before you can book your free Reims City Tour with the Reims-Epernay Pass, you must have purchased your pass and have its number.

When booking your Reims City Tour, in step 2 "Preparing your booking / entering passenger information", tick the box "I have a valid Reims Epernay Pass" for each passenger with a pass. This will bring up a box enabling you to enter and check the Pass number of the passenger concerned.

If the numbers are valid, the price of the Reims City Tour will drop to €0 at the next stage.

Where is my pass number?

The number of your Reims-Epernay Pass is the 8-digit number found under the barcode in the application or on the e-ticket that you received by email. You must enter the 8 digits as they appear after the words "N° Pass" as shown below:

Example of a Reims-Epernay Pass with 8-digit number location

Can I go to the Reims City Tour with my Reims-Epernay Pass without booking in advance?

Yes, you can also go directly to the Reims City Tour without booking in advance if all passengers have a valid Reims-Epernay Pass. Simply present your Pass to the Reims City Tour driver. However, you will only be allowed on board as long as seats are available. We therefore advise you to book in advance!

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